Dog training

Is it too late to train my dog?

There’s no denying that it’s best to get residential dog training when your dog is still young. But, while most people believe that once you’ve missed this window, that’s it, we’re here to inform you that this is not the case! Don’t give up just yet, as a dog can learn at any stage of its life.

Benefits of dog training

Whatever the age of your dog, there are always benefits to training. You can establish trust and respect, growing the bond between you and your pet. It may also result in your dog being easier and more enjoyable to live with. While untrained dogs may come across as though they don’t care, well-trained pets tend to be healthier and happier, which is always important.

Socialising an older dog

Your protection dog needs to become socialised so they feel confident around other animals and people. This is much easier at a young age, so if you’ve got an older dog, you will have to work hard, so residential training is often the best way to go. Trainers are experts at dealing with dogs who are afraid or aggressive with people and will help your dog become exposed to people safely and gently.

When it comes to other dogs, taking your dog to dog-friendly places with lots of free space can be beneficial. Treats and practising obedience when other dogs are nearby is usually a good trick. No matter how old our dog may be, it’ll always understand the benefits of a treat!

Modifying behaviour in an older dog

Modifying an older dog’s behaviour is different from a puppy, as it involves more than simply saying no. It’s all about interrupting unwanted behaviour and instead, making this unpleasant for your dog. When your dog no longer wants to do this action, they can be then taught to do something more beneficial instead. For this to be successful in the long term, this has to be something good for the dog so they’ll want to stick with it.

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