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How to get your pet to listen to you

If the first thing you do when your pet ignores you is shout, then you might be doing something wrong. Take a step back and read some of the suggestions below. There are lots of reasons a pet might ignore you, whether it’s when they refuse to return to their lead during a walk or fail to get down off the sofa when ordered. It could be anxiety plaguing your furry friend, or even a lack of understanding between owner and pet. Dog training boot camps are a great place to help change your dog’s behaviour, but you can also do some things at home. So, what can you do to help? Continue reading

Three things dogs can sense before they happen

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and often intuitive, making them very aware of everything that’s going on around them. From being able to pick up on human emotions to know when someone is nearby even before you can hear them, dogs seem almost omnipresent in their intuitiveness. Some people even believe they can sense nearby spirits or predict when someone is going to die, and while we can’t confirm dogs can do those things, here are three things they definitely can predict: Continue reading

Our guide to dog training bootcamps

Does your dog need to attend a dog training bootcamp? Would your dog benefit from regular training in an intensive environment?

Some dogs require more training than others and might find it hard to settle down around other dogs or people. Taking a dog out of their comfort zone and away from their owners might be the Continue reading

How to train your dog

As the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. However, anyone who has ever owned a dog will understand just how much work goes into keeping a furry friend, and more importantly, keeping them happy. However, before they embark on this task, many people underestimate just how much training goes into ensuring a dog is happy and behaves responsibly. Continue reading

Can expert training make dogs happier?

The British love their pets. They own around 51 million of them and spend an average of £1,150 a year on pampering them. You may not be surprised to hear that one of the biggest growth sectors in the huge market for pet products is clothes for dogs!

Yet one of the biggest questions that owners ask is, how can I be sure my dog is happy? Continue reading

Top 4 reasons why you should consider residential dog training

As a dog owner, it is important to tackle any dog training problems as soon as you notice them. This will avert a situation where they become life-long problems for you and your canine friend. Some dog training facilities don’t require the owner’s presence during dog training. However, if you have the time, you could consider staying with your canine friend in a Continue reading

Your dog is an expert on humans

Knowing what your dog knows about you maximises what can be achieved in residential dog training.

Although we are often unaware of how our emotions are affecting our body language, our canine companions will be sure to know how Continue reading

The psychology of dog training

Some people assume training their dogs is “just common sense”, but they are soon convinced otherwise when they join us on one of our residential dog training programs.

To effectively train your pets, residential dog training uses scientifically proven methods from the realm of psychology. Here are three key theories you should be aware of: Continue reading

How to diagnose – and resolve – behavioural issues

Does your dog shred all the cushions in the home the moment your back is turned? Do they embarrassingly forget all their toilet training when there are lots of guests in the home? Do they change from a laid-back and friendly at home pup to a trembling and growling out of control terror once you Continue reading

Fighting like cat and dog?

Introducing any new pet to the family is an adjustment for existing members. But, with the stereotypical image of cats and dogs at war, how can you combine feline and canine in household harmony?

Despite expectations, dogs and cats can be Continue reading

Mental Stimulation in Dog Ownership

Mental stimulation is one of the most important aspects of residential dog training, but it often gets overlooked. If you find your dog is still overstimulated and excited after a walk or a game of fetch, consider adding some brain games into the mix. Instead of giving your dog every meal in a food bowl, use feeding time as an opportunity for Continue reading

A guide to resource guarding – how to tackle it

If you’re a new dog owner, you may have noticed that your puppy can be somewhat possessive of items around the house. This possessiveness can extend to anything from a high-value item like a bowl of kibble to a (seemingly) low-value item like a scrap of cardboard. Continue reading

Dogs as emotional therapy pets

It’s estimated that 24% of people in the UK own at least one dog. Some have been motivated by a desire for companionship, some by a need for protection and others simply by a love for all things cute. But if you’re one of the six million UK individuals with anxiety or depression or one of the estimated 700,000 UK residents on the autism spectrum, your dog could be Continue reading

Get your kids involved with dog training

Most kids want a pet, especially a cute puppy, but often it ends up with the parents taking charge of walking and training. By getting kids involved with training, you can teach them about patience, empathy and responsibility at a young age. It may seem daunting and stressful, but training can be lots of Continue reading

How to get the best from positive reinforcement

At TOTAL K9 ®, we’re big fans of positive reinforcement as a way of building a great relationship between dogs and their owners. Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog for good behaviour and ignoring the behaviour you do not like. It’s a great starting point for many pets, owners find it easy to continue what they and their dog have learnt during their training sessions. Here are our top tips Continue reading

Training a dog for personal protection

If you’re thinking about purchasing or training your own personal protection dog, it’s important to understand what a personal protection dog is and the responsibilities that come with owning one.

What is a personal protection dog?

Continue reading

How to teach an old dog new tricks

So maybe you’ve just adopted or rescued a new dog, and you bring your new family member home, only to realise that they are not trained. Don’t worry; it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Continue reading

Getting a new puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time as new pups are hyper, cute and lots of fun. However, it can be easy to forget about proper dog training as you play with your adorable new arrival, but good training is key to a well behaved adult dog. Once your puppy grows up, mischievous behaviour stops being cute – well, sometimes. Read on for some great puppy training tips. Continue reading

We love dogs

Here at TOTAL K9 ® we love dogs. We are passionate about providing and training the perfect dog for your family or business. We know that every dog and its owner is different. That is why we supply a happy, fully trained family companion pets and obedient professional protection dogs of every breed, size and age.

Our K9 Dog Training programmes reach out into the heart of your existing family or business, too. As well as providing new dogs for our customers, we also train owners Continue reading

More than a four-legged friend

A dog is a companion for life. Loyal, devoted and constant, they look after their owners without question. At TOTAL K9 ®️ we understand that lifelong dedication and fidelity is vital, this is why you can trust us to provide you, your family and your own home with a particular type of safety: a fully trained and dependable protection dog. Our dogs are expertly trained using real-life scenarios to provide the best in companionship and support for our clients. Our dogs are indeed more than just four-legged friends. They are great with children and are either good or will ignore Continue reading