How to teach a dog “no”

Teaching a dog the word “no” is important for their safety. It’s something that all police dogs and guard dogs must learn as part of their training. But how do you teach a dog “no”? Here’s what to do.

How to teach a dog “no”

Step 1: Get the treats you need

First, make sure you’ve got some treats your dog loves. You’ll need them to reward your dog when it does the things you want.

Step 2: Draw your dog’s attention to the treats

Next, beckon or call your dog to come to you with the treats in your hand. As they approach, close your hand and say “no.” Keep saying no until your dog gives up and does something else. As they walk away, give them the treat.

Step 3: Call your dog again

Keep calling your dog and repeating the above process. Over time, they should get the idea that “no” means stop. They should learn that they only get a treat when they follow the “no” instruction. When saying “no,” always use the right body language. Make sure that it’s clear who is the boss in the situation. The more authoritative you can be, the better the results.

Step 4: Give your dog a treat every time he or she looks at you

Many times when you say “no” in real-life situations, you want to gain your dog’s attention. For example, they might be at risk of running out into the road. To develop this behavior, wait for your dog to turn away from you and don’t say anything. Then, once their attention is elsewhere, say “no” and wait for them to turn and look at you. If they look at you, give them a treat

Step 5: Keep repeating the process

Continue repeating the process until your dog becomes an expert. Every time your pup turns away, say the word “no” confidently so that they look at you. Once your dog looks at you automatically when you say “no,” they are well on their way to becoming advanced protection dogs. Don’t worry if it takes a few weeks for them to get the hang of it. Eventually, they will understand the word “no” and what it means.