The most popular police dog breeds

Dogs have been used to assist law enforcement for over 100 years to serve and protect communities around the world by using their unique set of skills. Police forces worldwide use different dog breeds for different tasks to make the most of their individual abilities, so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular police dog breeds that you’re most likely to find on a police force:

German shepherd

German shepherds are one of the most popular police dog breeds as they are intelligent, easily trained and fiercely loyal, making them an incredibly useful partner on the field. German shepherds are highly versatile breeds as they can be trained to fill multiple roles, from drug-sniffing and search and rescue to chasing down criminals on the run. So these are perfect as protection dogs. This eager-to-please and enthusiastic breed will follow commands like clockwork, making German shepherds an asset to any police force.


You might not expect to find this friendly breed working for the police but the beagle is actually an invaluable dog for law enforcement as it has one of the most sensitive noses in the business. Despite its small size, this breed has a huge personality, making it a popular pet and a fantastic police dog partner. Beagles are most commonly used as patrol dogs to weave in between luggage in border zones and airports to sniff out hidden contraband and narcotics.


Bloodhounds have been extremely popular police dogs for many years due to their phenomenal tracking abilities. Bloodhounds were originally used as gun dogs but due to their extraordinary ability to track scents over many miles, they are now used to search for perpetrators on the run and trapped survivors of natural disasters. Bloodhounds are also particularly useful for searching for missing children as they have a gentle personality and the ability to locate missing people weeks after they have disappeared.

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