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Top Breeds For Guard Dogs

Traditionally, you may be envisaging a German shepherd, which are well known for their strength and intelligence. In fact German shepherds are increasingly used as guide dogs due to their intellect and obedience.

If you are looking for security protection dogs for sale then you should get acquainted with the different breeds that make the best guard dogs.

There are, however, a number of other breeds you could consider if you are looking for a security or guard dog for your home or business.

Staffordshire terrier

Staffordshire terriers are a good choice for a family as they can make great family pets. However, they need to be trained firmly from a young age and socialised with other people and dogs early on. They are strong and protective.

German Shepherd

This breed is fearless and confident, which makes them a favourite for police dogs. They are also a good choice for a family dog or pet as they are calm around the house and very obedient.

Giant Schnauzers

Another breed that could make a good family dog if trained properly and from a young age. They are powerful and dominant, and in order to keep this in check (except for when they need to be protecting you) they need constant attention. This makes them a good choice for businesses or large families that have the time and skills to devote to these dogs.


These are strong dogs that are very loyal to their owners. They are strong and instinctively distant around strangers. You can learn more about dog breeds at