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Are guard dogs a good way to keep your property safe?

Dogs have been the man’s best friend for thousands of years, the friendship going back the times man first domesticated beasts and to this day, dogs are still the most loyal animals around. Nowadays dogs are mostly pet companions but they are still used in other parts of the world as protection dogs by shepherds.

As many of us know there are many types of dogs, from small ones that are very energetic to the big ones that remind us they are the cousins of the still untainted wolf, so it may not be a surprise that the big ones are still

being used as property guard dogs or as security dogs in different state owned institutions or airports around the world. In addition to their size, one must not ignore the extraordinary senses a dog has, such as his nose.

In comparison with the human nose, it is said that dog has a ten thousand times more a sensitive nose thus being very useful for state institutions fighting against organized crime and illegal smuggling of goods or drugs. It is a fact that dogs are used in such a manner to help man wherever it can and there are companies specialised in training guard dogs or security dogs.
This being said, how about getting a guard dog to protect your own personal property perimeter? Is this a viable solution in addition to the classing doorman hiring, or the more contemporary security camera systems?

We see many action movies that big properties usually also have guard dogs to keep the owner’s property perimeter safe and they can be or not effective, depending on the situation. Hence the arguments in real day life about having a perimeter guard god around or not, so who gets it right? Is a guard dog or a personal security dog a good solution for keeping your property safe?
The answer is pretty straight forward even if some may be disappointed, it’s yes. Personal protection dogs, security dogs or guard dogs are indeed effective in protecting your property, so if you were thinking about getting a guard dog but you weren’t sure if it would worth it, get it because it is worth it.

Guard dogs have excellent hearing and as stated before a highly sensitive nose so it can detect burglars very early in the process. There are dogs trained to bark when they detect an intruder and there are dogs trained to also attack the target if possible, so it’s up to you which type of guard dog you will get for your property. Stay safe!