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Effective guard dogs breeds

Certain breeds of dogs are born with instincts that make them more effective as guard dogs. The traits you want are things like a strong sense of loyalty, high alertness and observance and obedient nature. You also want them to be large and powerful, fearless and highly responsive to training. All that, but they must not be aggressive as this can be dangerous for you and others, particularly with larger dogs. Here are some of the top breeds that generally make good guard dogs:

1. Akita

Known for their loyalty, the Akita was bred in Japan to be alert, courageous, and suspicious of strangers. They are a common choice for guard dogs and can perform this task brilliantly with the right training.

2. Bullmastiff

Loyal and brave, the bullmastiff is often used to protect game from poachers. They look intimidating but are naturally affectionate with their family, so companionship is another great benefit. They are born protectors, but their guarding instincts must be honed with training.

3. Belgian Malinois

These athletic, intense dogs are commonly used as police and military dogs. Their agility and trainability are outstanding. They have bags of energy and a keen desire to perform but require specialist training and good socialisation to thrive in unfamiliar situations.

4. German Shepherd

Another favourite as a police dog, the deeply loyal and intelligent GSD makes an excellent guard dog. Again, good training is very important, and they can develop a nervous disposition if they are not well socialised. They also require lots of exercise.

5. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is often misrepresented as an aggressive breed, but they are actually very affectionate and docile with their human family. They are natural protectors and often do a good job with minimal formal training, but a strong training program can hone their skills and make them exceptional guard dogs.

Final thoughts

If a guard dog is what you need, you may want to ignore dogs that are known for being calm or low-energy like Basset hounds. Super-friendly dogs like Labradors and Irish setters are also not the best option. The dog breeds listed here are very strong options, and there are many more. The importance of good training cannot be overestimated. For experts in training guard dogs and protection dogs in the UK, contact Total K9 today.

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