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Top 3 Most Fearless Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are undeniably some of the bravest animals around, putting themselves on the frontline and in danger at every turn. But just what incredible acts of bravery have been seen from these dogs over the years? Here are just three examples of when these pups have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Dog vs. polar bear

Back in November last year, a dog in Churchill in Canada proved his worth when a giant polar bear came trundling through where he was chained up. Instead of running off with his tail between his legs, the dog showed him who was boss and refused to stand down, baring his teeth and barking until the polar bear decided to mosey on.

Guard dogs in Namibia

Back in 2008, the BBC reported on a new scheme being used by farmers in Namibia where dogs were put out on guard to help protect goats and sheep from wild cheetahs – an initiative that proved so very successful that farmers no longer felt they needed to go out to hunt. This has apparently led to inadvertent protection of the cheetah population, which increased by a third as a result!

Gabi the guard dog

You might have heard of Gabi – she’s even got her own statue erected in her honour at Belgrade Zoo! Apparently, she was on patrol with another protection dog and the night watchman when a female jaguar managed to get out of her cage and started prowling around. Upon hearing something strange, Gabi rushed off to investigate – unlike her fellow patrol dog, who ran off in the other direction.

The night watchman was unsure what was happening until he heard barks and roars. The jaguar had to be shot and they later found Gabi half dead near the site of the fight. Happily, she survived!

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