Police Sniffer Dog Hunts Out Suspected Burglar!

If you’re looking for police dogs for sale,

then we here at Total K9 ® have found the news story for you – clever pup Rio has done his local Colchester police force proud after sniffing out a 16-year-old suspected of a variety of break-ins in the Drury Road area.

According to the Essex County Standard, Rio was put on the case after incidents at a tanning salon, cycling shop and other companies in the region, soon discovering a pair of gloves and an abandoned bike.

Just half an hour later, a boy was found in Midland Close and arrested, according to a representative from the police force.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to think police dogs can track someone down like that. The dogs are very intelligent and they must be very well trained. It is amazing,” manager of All Tanned Up Joan Mitchell was quoted by the news source as saying.

Police dogs undergo rigorous training throughout their working life, which typically lasts for between seven and eight years. Once their career is over, they generally stay with their handler as a pet, which is perhaps unsurprising given the bond that can build up between policeman and animal. Staff also undergo training in order to become instructors, as well as dealing with legislation and dangerous dogs.

Breeds that are typically used as police dogs for sale include Labradors, German and Belgian Shepherd dogs and springer or cocker spaniels. Members of the public are able to donate young dogs to the police force if they believe they would make a good addition.