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Dog Allergies ‘Triple In 12 Months’

Those with family and personal protection dogs should perhaps be aware that dog allergies seem to be on the rise, tripling in the last year, with bulldogs, crossbreeds and springer spaniels experiencing the most problems among all breeds.

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Choosing A Bed For Your Dog

Did you know your personal protection dogs could require 12 hours of sleep a day?

It is important to ensure your dog gets appropriate amounts of sleep so they can work effectively and remain in tip top health. It is particularly important with puppies, who can actually die from exhaustion, so make sure there is enough sleep scheduled into your working dog’s life. Continue reading

Alabama Rot Warning For Dog Owners

When involved in working dog training outside, dog owners should be aware that Alabama Rot – a disease that can cause skin sores and sudden kidney failure in pets – is now being seen in the UK.

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