Canine health

Choosing A Bed For Your Dog

Did you know your personal protection dogs could require 12 hours of sleep a day?

It is important to ensure your dog gets appropriate amounts of sleep so they can work effectively and remain in tip top health. It is particularly important with puppies, who can actually die from exhaustion, so make sure there is enough sleep scheduled into your working dog’s life.

Make sure your dog has their own dedicated bed to return to, to ensure they get the right amount of sleep. You may not need to be told this, as many dogs will be quite possessive about their own space. To make sure they don’t engage in annoying behaviours, such as setting up on the family sofa, give them their own bed so they set up their own space in a place convenient to you and your family!

Bolster bed

These beds are great for dogs that like pillows and need to feel safe. The high back on these beds helps the dogs feel secure.

Orthopedic mattress bed

These are great for older dogs that need extra support.

Pillow bed

A simple bed for a smaller space. It is great for smaller dogs and can be cleaned easily.

Heated dog bed

Perfect for dogs working a lot outside, or if you live in a cold area. They are also good for using if your dog is recovering from illness or surgery.