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Dog Allergies ‘Triple In 12 Months’

Those with family and personal protection dogs should perhaps be aware that dog allergies seem to be on the rise, tripling in the last year, with bulldogs, crossbreeds and springer spaniels experiencing the most problems among all breeds.

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The Co-operative Insurance, a study found that the average cost of a claim relating to an allergy was £261, with common pet allergies including dust, dander, house mites, fleas, weed and grass pollens, food, cleaning products, feathers, cleaning chemicals and cigarette smoke.

Signs to look out for include vomiting, sneezing, ear infections, runny eyes, red or scabbed skin, rashes on the skin and frequent licking.

“While pet allergies are common, it can take time to discover what it is that is causing a reaction and treatment costs can add up if numerous vet appointments are needed. Unexpected vet bills can have a severe impact on a person’s or a family’s finances so it wise to think about insuring your pet,” head of insurance at The Co-operative David Hampson said.

This comes as the group also revealed that dog owners are being hit hard by hidden costs, spending an average of £427 each year unexpectedly. Costs that people haven’t been able to predict include boarding kennels, special dietary requirements and vet trips, although pet cams, pet yoga and birthday presents were also seen to push that average up.

Owning a dog, whether it’s a family pet or to serve as a guard dog, is a big undertaking and not one to be entered into lightly. Make sure that you have the resources and time available to properly care for your new animal.