Canine health

Watch Out For Canine Flu

If you are looking for family protection dogs for sale then you should be aware that there have been a number of confirmed cases of canine flu in Texas.

This has led to concerns of an epidemic in the US and although rates of canine flu are not a cause for concern in the UK at present, it is still helpful for all dog owners to know what to look out for, in case your dog catches this virus.

What is it?

Canine flu is a virus, similar to the virus that affects humans. It affects the respiratory system and can cause a cough in dogs. It is not possible for a human to catch flu off a dog and vice versa. It is rarely fatal in dogs.

How is it caught?

The influenza H3N8 virus first originated in horses, and can now spread between dogs. Canine flu can spread to other dogs by direct contact caused by coughing and sneezing, and by uninfected dogs coming into contact with contaminated objects. If your dog has any of these symptoms you should not expose your dog to other dogs, in order to contain the infection.

What is the treatment?

There isn’t really any treatment for minor cases of canine flu other than treating the symptoms. You will need to make sure that your dog remains well hydrated and comfortable. In more severe cases a vet may prescribe antibiotics to treat any secondary infection that may occur. There is an approved vaccine to protect dogs against canine influenza A available.