Persistent Pup Lands Police Job

With the all the tests and training in place to root out the best dogs for police work, it’s no surprise that these animals also make great guard dogs, and we think you’ll find there are great qualities present in working dogs of all kinds.

We found this story in the Liverpool Echo about a Golden Labrador Retriever cross called Champ, who knows more than most dogs that the job market is tough out there. The four year old was originally earmarked for work as a guide dog, helping those with disabilities, but after going through the rigorous training in 2013, he failed at the final hurdle.

However, Guide Dogs Liverpool spotted some other potential in Champ and contacted the Merseyside Police to put him forward for their sniffer dog scheme. They in turn trained Champ to sniff out drugs, guns and money and it turns out it’s a bit of a calling for this talented dog.

Passing the tests to become a sniffer dog was no walk in the park either, with at least 25 per cent of dogs who enter the training failing to make the grade, however, Champ was, in fact, crowned best in class and his career has gone from strength to strength. In the two years on the force, Champ has uncovered 48 hauls!

Sniffer dogs are trained to look for a certain object – for Champ, a tennis ball – which is then associated with the scents of drugs, firearms and cash. Once the dog picks up the scent, he freezes and is rewarded if correct.