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The step by step process of training a Police Dog

Training a dog is a significant challenge for owners, requiring a significant amount of time and attention to teach them all of the most important lessons. This is a far more difficult process when training a police dog. Learn more about the step by step process of training a police dog below, and learn why each step is important when training the best security dogs possible.

1. Use what motivates your dog

No matter what the nature of your dog’s training needs, using what motivates them the most is key to training them well. Protection dogs are still dogs, and whether affection, food or playtime is what motivates them most, use this as a means of completing basic obedience training. Police dogs need to be disciplined, and obedience training is the first step to building discipline.

2. Teach command words

Once you have a bond with the dog and they understand you, teach them some key command words. For example, use “Find” for sniffer dogs or “Attack” for dogs that apprehend suspects and intruders. This is a good way of controlling the natural aggression of security dogs, and guiding their energy into productive means.

3. Acclimatise the dog to people

Next, build up the dog’s relationship with members of the general public. A dog taught exclusively to do as commanded isn’t advisable, as they behave poorly in public places. By spending a few days or weeks around the public, a security dog behaves more appropriately and helps to keep people safe.

4. Complete specialist training

Depending on the role of the dog, after completing more general training, you can consider some more specialised training. For example, teaching a potential sniffer dog what different forms of contraband smell like. This enables the dog to perform more effectively in its specialised role and provides far better outcomes for policing.

Try Total K9

If you’re interested in training a police dog but don’t think you have the expertise to do so, get in touch with the Total K9 team today. We offer quality dog training services and can ensure that your dog is trained to the highest of standards.

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