Dog training

Our dog training methods

Here at TOTAL K9 ® LTD, we believe that every dog is genuinely unique and deserves the absolute best care. We provide a wide range of dog training services and packages for family pets as well as working dogs. We tailor our service to every dog’s specific needs and requirements. We cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where you live, you will be able to access our dog training services near you. If you choose one of our residential dog training packages, then we even offer a collection and delivery service, giving you complete peace of mind and seamless care.

Our dog training methods

We use several methods to train dogs who have obedience or behavioural issues. Not every way will be used on every animal as we carefully assess each dog and then decide what training method or methods would be best to tackle their individual needs. Our training methods include the use of positive reinforcement, rewards and treats.

Positive reinforcement

This type of training is when the dog is rewarded for good behaviour. This may be in the form of a treat such as a beloved toy. Bad behaviour is not rewarded or praised, but the dog is never punished – it can include the removal of a treat. This type of training requires consistency to eradicate bad behaviours that may have been instilled over a long period. Once training is complete, positive reinforcement also needs to be continued at home.


Rewarding good behaviour is vital in helping any dog with behavioural or obedience issues. We take small steps and provide rewards for when a dog behaves or acts as instructed.


Alongside rewards such as treats, and positive reinforcement, it is also essential to give ongoing praise. This is a verbal recognition of good work and behaviour. Saying ‘good boy’ and ‘well done’positively and happily will help to reinforce their positive actions and behaviour.

Behavioural issues

We can help any dog who has behavioural issues, no matter how big the challenge. We can help solve the following problems. • Not listening to or obeying instructions • Jumping up, which can be problematic when you have visitors or are socialising outside with others • Barking, biting or nipping • Anxiety due to socialisation issues • Aggression towards other dogs or people

High level dog obedience training

This type of training is done with the dog both on and off the lead with ‘heel’ work. The dog will be told to sit, wait, lie down and to follow instructions. This type of training is beneficial for working dogs and pets as it reinforces good behaviour and working practices.

Residential packages

All of our residential packages are personalised for every single dog. We will offer a phone consultation, in which we will determine if your dog requires home training or our residential service, including a boot camp regime. This is always done in discussion with the owner. We will take a detailed history and make our assessment by the telephone call and inform you there and then how long your dog will need to be with our team.

What’s included?

Training sessions will very much depend upon the individual dog, their needs and the progress that they make. Daily assessments will be made and training planned for the following day. Your dog will also enjoy walks on regular intervals throughout the day.

Regular updates

We will keep in regular touch with you to update you on your dog’s progress. This will be either by phone or email, depending upon your preferences. We are delighted to discuss your dog’s progress with you and any concerns you may have.

What you need to know

We offer a collection and delivery service for all dogs. If your dog is on any medication or a special diet, then this will continue while they’re in our care. It is best if you send in your dog’s usual food as this will help to reassure your dog and prevent any food intolerance. We do provide blankets, but it may be best to bring your dog’s preferred blanket from home to help with the settling-in period. All dogs are bathed and groomed on completion of their training. Upon completion of their training, we will discuss with you what training has taken place and how you need to continue this at home. The handover will usually take around an hour.

One to one

We provide a one to one training service that can be done in your own home or on site. This very much depends upon personal circumstances and if the dog’s behavioural issues are related directly to the home. For example, they may jump up or bark at people who call to your house. This service is provided by a member of our team who will work with you and your dog together, to get to the heart of any behavioural problems. This may involve learning new skills as a team and how you can achieve positive behaviour. The cost of our one to one service begins at £25 per hour. Contact TOTAL K9 today. We provide our dog training services across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

Residential package prices start from £300 per week. For further information about any of our dog training services or packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by email or phone. We’re ready to help you and your beloved pet.