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Common dog training mistakes

Dog training is certainly a journey. Having a pooch who listens to you is every dog owner’s dream; but unfortunately, it doesn’t always go perfectly. However, if you feel like you’ve made a mistake with dog training, don’t worry! The first step is realising what the mistake was, and then you can take steps to get back on track.

Here are the most common dog training mistakes:

Starting too late

While there are some reasons why a dog may start training late, generally they should be trained as soon as possible. This helps them adapt while they are still young, and stops them from gaining any bad habits that may be difficult to train out of! Don’t worry if your dog is older – you can still train them, you just might need a bit more effort to do so. You can always hire dog training experts, like ours at Total K9, to help you train older dogs .

Not being flexible

Every dog is different, and it is likely that each dog you own will have a different approach to training. If you have had dogs in the past, you might actually find this more difficult, as you will already be used to one type of training. If you are struggling, speak to an expert!

Getting a puppy too early

When buying a puppy, it’s essential to choose a breeder who keeps the puppy with his or her mother for an adequate amount of time. No puppy should be split from their mother before 8 weeks, and an ideal amount of time to keep the pooches together is 12 weeks. This is so a puppy can have necessary nurturing from its mother and results in them being much less likely to act out when they are older!

Not having a routine

Dogs thrive on routines. If you want to train your puppy well, you should have a set time when you wake up and take them out to the toilet, the same meal times each day, and a time set for walkies. Of course, these can vary slightly, but if you can stick to them in their first few months, you’ll notice that training gets a lot easier!

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