Dog training

When should you consider a dog training boot camp?


Whether you have just adopted your brand new family member or brought home your
8-week old puppy, it’s all new and exciting for everyone involved. The whole family, including the newest member, is buzzing with happiness and bright thoughts for the future…

…and yet amidst all of the excitement you know one thing for sure, the training needs to start immediately.

You have done the research or have some past experiences training dogs and you are ready to get started!

Fast forward a couple of months and life has gotten in the way.

The behaviour of your dog has gotten wildly out of hand.

He is still not completely toilet trained… he’s still not learned not to bite and he keeps tearing the furniture to pieces when you leave him alone.

Don’t even mention walking your dog on a lead, what a nightmare!

You are not the first person that this has happened to and it’s ok. It is ok because some dogs are harder than others to train and some need more attention. It’s also ok to admit that your life is already busy and finding the time to devote to dog training every day is hard! Especially a dog that might need extra training and attention.

It is at this moment I would recommend enrolling your dog in a dog training boot camp. There is never a wrong moment to ask for help but in this situation, it would instantly relieve stress for both yourself and your dog.

Dog training boot camps are perfect for all training situations. They provide a stable, interruption-free environment, away from the hectic life of home to focus on learning. They include tailored plans to fit your dog’s needs that are dedicated solely to resolving problem behaviours positively and encouraging the right everyday behaviours and attitudes in your dog.

The right time to consider enrolling your dog in dog training boot camp is whenever you need help with the training of your beloved dog… and especially when you feel frustrated with his behavior and attitude and don’t know what steps to take next.

Dog training boot camp
Dog training boot camp