Dog training

Everything you need to know about our Protection Dog Training Package

We are immensely proud of the reputation we have built up over many hard years of work training dogs for personal protection, security services and the police force. You only need to read our testimonials to get an understanding of how highly we value our clients and the dogs we supply to them across the UK.

A huge part of what we do on a day-to-day basis is dog training, whether for puppies, family pets or protection dogs. When it comes to protection dogs, usually we do the selection of the dog ourselves, put it through its paces on our rigorous training programme and then spend time perfectly matching each dog with its new owner to ensure a good fit.

However in some cases we are able to provide protection dog training to an animal you already own. This is a service only available to a select few breeds, but if you think that your dog may have what it takes, we’ll complete a thorough week’s assessment to find out for sure. If your dog is suitable for enrolment on our programme, we’ll then take your furry companion and mould them into a faultlessly obedient personal protection dog in a matter of weeks.

Our protection dog training package involves familiarising your dog with a variety of environments and honing their instincts so that they can differentiate truly threatening behaviour from play fighting or pranks. This is what sets our protection dogs apart from your standard guard dog. Guard dogs are stationed at a single location and taught to show aggression to all intruders. A protection dog’s behaviour is far more nuanced and intelligent. We use real-life scenarios to train our dogs, so that they can recognise and evaluate human behaviour more keenly than the humans themselves!

Our dogs are loyal and devoted guardians – and yours could be too. What’s more, we’re certified by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. So if you think your pet could be right for protection dog training, give us a call today and we’ll talk you through the options.

Protection Dog Training Package