Training a dog for personal protection

If you’re thinking about purchasing or training your own personal protection dog, it’s important to understand what a personal protection dog is and the responsibilities that come with owning one.

What is a personal protection dog?

Personal protection dogs are trained to offer protection and to guard against anybody that seems to be a threat. Unlike burglar alarms and fences, a protection dog in inherently loyal and won’t let you down in your time of need due to technical difficulties. A personal protection dog is so much more than a guard dog, they become a member of your family and fight to protect you out of love, not obligation.

Do you really need a personal protection dog?

Deciding to introduce a pet into your family is a big decision, and this is no different with personal protection dogs. Dogs are a lot of responsibility, so whether you have the finances to support a dog must be considered before you commit to purchasing one.

There are no set criteria to meet to qualify for needing a protection dog. For example, feeling unsafe in your home or as you walk around your local area can be reason enough to consider purchasing or training a protection dog. Similarly, an individual who has recently been a victim of a crime could consider owning a protection dog, as this may help them feel safe once again.

What makes a good personal protection dog?

Dogs that are ideal for personal protection need good socialisation as youngsters and should not be too aggressive in nature. Protection dogs that are properly trained should be able to interact with other dogs and household pets without conflict and are suitable to live in households with young children.

Training a personal protection dog

A personal protection dog is not the same as an obedient dog. While a personal protection dog will be obedient, this is the tip of the iceberg for their training and skill set. Constant socialisation in sensitive situations is also important for training any personal protection dog, to ensure they know how to behave and protect you in various scenarios.

To ensure you have a properly trained personal protection dog, it is better to leave the dog training to the professionals. TOTAL K9 ® sell and train personal protection dogs that can keep you and your family safe. But remember, our personal protection dogs are not alarm systems, they are family pets first and foremost, so only consider introducing a protection dog into your household if you are truly ready for one.

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