Dog behaviour training

When you own a dog, ensuring that it behaves in the right ways is essential. This means that you have a better understanding of what they can do and how they react to certain situations. The ways that dogs behave vary depending on the behaviour of the people they interact with. Learn more about the different ways that humans affect dog behaviour and how we can use this influence in the best way possible.


One of the most important ways that we affect the behaviour of dogs is through thorough training. This includes teaching animals such as guard dogs and police dogs what to do in specific situations and the best ways of responding to specific commands and phrases. Effective training means that an owner has control over what their dog does and when their dog does it. This is the most important conscious impact a person has over the way that a dog behaves and is the way that people have an active influence on a dog’s development.

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The way that we behave has a significant impact on the way that a dog behaves whilst being a subconscious aspect of what we do. For example, if you react in an angry way when someone knocks on the door, a dog will perceive this as a threat and react in the same way. Dogs have a tendency to copy the behaviour of their owners, so behaving in a calm and rational way that teaches your dog how to respond to things is ideal for a dog’s behavioural development.

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Dogs also learn from the behaviour of the dogs around them. This is because a puppy or a younger dog that is simply new to the pack is looking for ways to fit in. By ensuring that all of the dogs around the dog in training behave in a positive manner, you provide a good example for the young pup to aspire towards. Other dogs can be some of the best tools for a puppy’s development.

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dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training