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Best breeds of personal protection dogs

There’s nothing quite like knowing that you’ve got your very own living, breathing alarm system by your side, bred and trained to protect you, no matter what. At heart, that’s what a personal protection dog is.

Love and loyalty come genetically inherent with many of these breeds so, whether it’s a dog to accompany you walking around your neighbourhood, or your home has been burgled previously and you just want to feel safe there again, you get all the usual benefits of owning a dog but with that extra feeling of personal protection thrown in to boot.

Here are a few of our favourite breeds of dog for personal protection.

German Shepherd

This breed is intelligent, fast and athletic with a natural wariness of strangers. Often described as “high-drive” animals, they can burn their energy up with a good daily walk. German Shepherds are a good breed for families seeking personal protection as many enjoy cuddling and playing with children.

Cane Corso

A large, powerful, active and intelligent animal, Cane Corsos are highly sensitive to the danger or distress of their owners. Being a giant breed, they will need regular walking, which is a great way to keep them socialised. Positive reinforcement training is key to getting the very best from this breed.

Belgian Malinoises

Smart and obedient as well as muscular and athletic in stature, Belgian Malinoises are sweet yet fiercely protective of their family with high drive energy to them, which is great for children and other animals.


Being super-smart, this breed responds very well to training. Known for their bravery and courage, Dobermans are playful and active and mix well with other animals and children.


A devoted, intelligent and protective breed that often forms strong bonds with its owner/family, Rottweilers are large and imposing physically. Few would be brave or foolish enough to come between a Rottweiler and its owner.

We have all of these personal protection dogs and more for you to take a look at right here:

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