Dog training

3 ways to entertain your dog

Having a guard dog doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy quality time with them. Entertaining a dog is the best way to build a stronger bond between both of you. Building this bond will help gain your dog’s trust, making them the perfect companion. Here are three ways to entertain and update your dog’s daily routine.

Playing with your dog

Think of your dog as a child that has lots of energy. Not using this energy up can lead to boredom which triggers bad behaviour. All dogs are social animals, and playing is a way for them to communicate with their owner. Whether they like a game of tug of war or love to retrieve things, playing regularly with your dog can also help you to understand their personality too. Keeping playtime controlled is key. Let your dog know if they’re playing too rough. Although this is exciting for your dog, it can also encourage behaviour that is out of your control.

Workout for your dog

If you’re short on time, making your daily workout dog friendly is the perfect way to create a “man’s best friend” bond. Not only will they love the extra exercise, but their positive personality makes the ideal workout partner. Running and walking are simple ways to involve your protection dog in your fitness regime, or you could swap your weight session for a dog training boot camp in the garden. Train and tire them out by building an obstacle course; you can even time them to make it exciting for yourself.

Interactive toys for your dog

We know busy schedules can get in the way of spending quality time with your dog; this is where interactive toys can help. Adding mental exercises to your dog’s daily routine can help with destructive behaviour. Leaving your dog to occupy themselves can sometimes end in them misbehaving out of boredom. Puzzle toys will keep them entertained while stimulating their brain. While battery-operated toys, such as ball launchers, will keep your dog occupied if you want a break.

As every dog is different, it’s worth taking your time to try each method. Be patient with your dog, give time to adjust and find the perfect one. If you’re having problems keeping your pooch out of mischief and think they would benefit from residential dog training, contact us today.