Dog training

Our guide to dog training bootcamps

Does your dog need to attend a dog training bootcamp? Would your dog benefit from regular training in an intensive environment?

Some dogs require more training than others and might find it hard to settle down around other dogs or people. Taking a dog out of their comfort zone and away from their owners might be the best thing for them – private lessons with our qualified trainers provide a stable environment for dogs to fine-tune their attitude and become more grounded in their everyday behaviours.

What does your dogs’ stay look like?

During the dog training bootcamp, a tailored training plan will be implemented to suit your dogs’ needs and also yours, as their owner. This is often the best course of practice for dogs who require extra attention and to help with those who are aggressive, uncontrollable when walking, are unresponsive to commands, suffer from anxiety and cause damage to the surrounding areas. Teaching dogs the correct behaviours when attempting to improve these areas will lead to an enhanced relationship between a dog and its owner.

Are there typically any extras?

Most dog training bootcamps also provide doggie daycare facilities for dogs when they are not in training – your dog will be looked after and cared for throughout its stay at the camp. There might also be other dogs at the residential camp with whom your dog can interact with. The development of behaviours around other dogs can be key to improving your dogs’ relationship with others in a social environment.

What type of training can be expected?

One to one training is very important at most dog training bootcamps and many provide this type of care and attention for dogs. The connection between dog and trainer is often underestimated but at the camps, it is fundamental to behavioural development. If a dog and their trainer build a strong relationship from the start of the camp, then it is more likely that the outcome of the camp will provide the owner with a well behaved and well-rounded dog while also providing the owner with great satisfaction.

Dog training boot camp