Dog training

What is residential dog training?

Residential dog training resolves a dog’s behavioural issues by having them live away from home, with professional trainers, for a short time. Issues resolved by residential dog training range from barking, poor recall, jumping up and lead-pulling, to anxiety, biting and aggression. Our expert team use proven methods including praise, positive reinforcement and ‘Alpha voice’ leadership to resolve any dog’s individual behavioural issues during their residential training.

Why choose residential dog training?

Different cues and environments dictate your dog’s behaviours, which can make a residential break the perfect opportunity to retrain those behaviours in new and varied surroundings. For example, while some dogs may be calmer inside the home, they might take their daily walking routes as a cue to become defensive, aggressive, overly exploratory when off the lead, or overenthusiastic around other people and their dogs.

All of these behavioural issues can be resolved with residential dog training, which breaks up the routine, provides a total change of scene, and achieves a careful balance so as not to under – or over-train your dog. We instil new, desirable habits using positive reinforcement – as opposed to the negative, confusing effects of old-fashioned correction-based dog training.

What does residential dog training involve?

We’ll begin your residential dog training programme with a phone consultation, just to determine your dog’s behavioural issues and how long they’ll need to stay with us to resolve them. However, every dog is different – and so the duration of any residential training will depend on your dog’s personality and genetics, and how easily their breed can be trained to change their daily habits and behaviours.

But don’t worry – those habits and behaviours can be changed, resulting in a happy obedient dog, and a happy you!

Our residential dog training works by steadily building rock-solid foundations through trust-building, paired with tons of play, positive socialising and plenty of exercise in our lovely surrounding farmlands. We interrupt a dog’s ingrained behaviours and ‘train out’ their behavioural issues by making their new, desired actions much more pleasant and rewarding. And, since every dog has its own unique needs and personality, we always tailor every dog training programme to each individual dog.

With treats and praise on hand to reinforce their new obedient actions, (and the hard work and dedication of our training team to make it happen 24/7), we can confidently train any dog breed, of any age, to drop their problematic behaviours and adopt new behaviours, long-term. Daily training could involve sessions of just a few minutes at a time, right through to full-day outings, depending on a dog’s behavioural issues and how those issues present.

At the end of your dog’s residential, we’ll complete the process with professional bathing and grooming for your canine pal, along with a dedicated hour-long handover session. This handover is essential to brief you, and demonstrate to you, everything your personal trainer has worked through to resolve your dog’s behaviours.

The most important thing to remember is that good dog training is an ongoing process – so it’s up to every dog owner to continue their dog’s new positive behaviours!

Residential dog training, tailored to you

Residential training does take your dog out of their home for a time, which is why we always recommend that you bring your dog’s familiar food, blanket and favourite items with them (although we’re happy to provide these if you prefer). Every dog in our care receives twice-daily health checks, and we’ll always adhere precisely to any feeding or medical requirements to keep their transition into new behaviours a smooth, positive experience.

Our clients trust us, and the excellent results we achieve in resolving their dogs’ behavioural issues, precisely because we always treat every dog as a unique individual. While each dog’s breed and genetics play a large role in its behaviour, and the particular sense of purpose they need to live a happy life, it also comes down to each dog’s personality and lived experience.

For these reasons, our residential dog training is designed to strike the perfect balance between catering to each dog’s needs individually, but also providing a welcoming change of scene to diminish old behavioural issues and replace them entirely – giving you a calmer, happier, much more obedient dog!

Learn more about our residential dog training – or you’re welcome to get in touch via our contact page, to find out more about our full range of canine training services.