How to maintain a healthy weight for your dog

Whether you have been advised by your vet that your dog needs to lose a little bit of weight, or you want to maintain the healthy weight your dog currently has, the following tips will help!

1. Weigh your pet’s food

Each mealtime, ensure you weigh out the correct amount of food for your dog. It is not advisable to follow meal portion guidelines on generic food packaging as many factors such as the size, breed and age of your dog can affect how much they need to eat on a daily basis. Ask your vet for portion advice or research specific portion advice for your pet.

2. Plan exercise

It is important that a protection dog has plenty of exercises so you must incorporate walking your dog into your daily routine. For example, in summer it may be too hot to take your pet on a walk during the day, so you must allocate time in your morning or evening to take your protection dog on a walk when the temperature is cooler.

3. Count treats

It can be easy to mindlessly give your pet treats whilst on a walk or to reward their good behaviour. Giving your pet a large number of treats, however, can cause them to slowly gain weight and become unhealthy. Ensure you count any treats you give your pet and learn alternative ways to train and reward your dog. Taking your pet on a residential dog training course, for example, will teach you plenty of ways to reward your dog without giving out endless treats.

4. Practise discipline

Many dogs, when food is accidentally dropped on the floor, will instantly consume it. Many pet owners believe this is harmless, but allowing a dog to eat human food and snack between their meals can cause them to gain weight. Enrolling your dog in a dog training boot camp can help improve their discipline and prevent them from eating food without permission.

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How to maintain a healthy weight for your dog
How to maintain a healthy weight for your dog