Spot on protection dog breeds: The Cane Corso

Here at Total K9 we are passionate about training and supplying protection dogs to homes and families across the UK. All our dogs are meticulously trained and put through their paces in real life scenarios. It’s no secret that the majority of personal protection dogs – including those on our books today – come from a select pool of dog breeds. Over the next few months we’re going to shine a light on a few of the best breeds for protection dogs, so that you can become familiar with their backgrounds and unique traits, and decide which is the best fit for you.

Cane Corso is a descendent of the Neapolitan Mastiff

The Cane Corso is a descendent of the Neapolitan Mastiff and originates from ancient Rome. If you trace its origins even further back, then Molossus was its forefather. This was an ancient Greek dog used by the Molossi tribe for protection and as a predator. When Greece was swallowed up into the Roman Empire, crossbreeding occurred between the Molossus and native Italian dogs. The result would have been very similar to the Cane Corso we recognise today.

Its name comes from the Latin word “Cohors” which means “Guardian”. Already it’s clear that protective instincts are in the Corso’s exemplary bloodline! But in comparison to other Mastiff-type dogs, Cane Corsos are muscular rather than needlessly bulky. They are still large dog though – males can measure up to 28 inches (70cm) when measured up to the shoulder and weigh 110 pounds (50kg). They also have an intimidating bite force of 700psi, easily high enough to prove fatal.

Cane Corso a popular choice as a protection dog

This combination of size, strength, agility and protective nature has made the Cane Corso a popular choice as a protection dog throughout history. Their natural urge to protect does mean that they need to be highly trained in order to learn when their aggressive instincts should be curbed, and when a show of a aggression is all that is needed. At Total K9 all the protection dogs we supply have graduated our thorough training course which includes breed-specific training. All our Corso’s are intelligent, confident and energetic – in short, perfect protectors.

cane corso protection dog of totalk9