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How to spot the perfect protection dog

At Total K9 we have decades of combined experience in selecting and training world class protection dogs. We are proud to uphold incredibly high standards and we don’t think you should settle for anything less, especially when it’s your personal safety, family and relationships at stake. Here are five traits to look out for in your protection dog to give you total confidence that it will bond with and work with you and your family for life.

Breed matters

It is no secret that certain breeds of dog make better protection dogs. This is down to a key combination of factors, from stature, muscularity, attentiveness, instinct and intelligence. We offer and train a variety of breeds including German Shepherds, American Bulldogs, Cane Corsos and Dobermans, and we understand the unique traits of each, to mould you the perfect protective companion.

Loyal disposition

Loyalty runs far deeper than obedience, and requires in-depth training to foster. Any well-trained dog can follow simple commands, but our protection dogs will form strong and real bonds with the individuals or families they are paired with. This unwavering loyalty leads our dogs to feel naturally protective of their owners, to be attuned to their moods and needs, and to prioritise them over all others.

Guardian mentality

It’s easy to think that a “guard” dog’s sole purpose is to exhibit aggressive behaviour towards threatening outsiders, but a personal protection dog does so much more than this. A dog with a guardian mentality will feel a natural responsibility to protect it’s family and the grounds of its home. This is a version of a basal instinct that all dogs have, to stick with and to defend their pack.

Faultlessly obedient

A headstrong pet dog who occasionally ignores its owner can be excused as cheeky or cute, but in a protection dog this behaviour can cause real problems. Every task or situation that a protection dog could face, requires first and foremost that it be totally obedient to its owners. We train all of our dogs in real-life situations to ensure that they will never be distracted or disobedient.

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