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German Shepherds: Perfect Running Partners

Not only are Alsatians the perfect choice when looking for family protection dogs for sale, we think they also make great companions for those who like to go for a run. In fact, of all the breeds,

German Shepherds may just be your ideal running partner.

Our security dogs have all been trained to have solid, stable temperaments, meaning that unlike specially trained dogs, they’ll remain unphased by a lot of what’s going on in the world around them. That means no losing focus and causing a distraction to your run – after all, you may be looking to set a new personal best.

As a large robust breed, most German Shepherds, and especially those from Total K9, will be more than able to keep up with your pace – in fact, given the speeds these dogs can run, he or she will be nowhere near full capacity running with you.

Best of all, German Shepherds are really great protection dogs – something that may be important out on a run. Runners are often vulnerable to threats from criminals if running all alone; however, with an imposing dog like this by your side, they’d have to be brave to approach you – no matter what a friendly temperament your dog has with the family.

Of course, it’s always important to know your dog’s limitations. Their age may be one such area where you look to limit how far and how fast they should be allowed to run. As you would take water to keep yourself hydrated, it’s also important that your dog should have access to water if on a long run – especially if it’s a hot day.