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5 characteristics of German Shepherds that make them great companions

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the country and for good reason. Their versatile temperaments make them both the perfect family pet and an effective crime deterrent. Here are the top reasons to choose a German Shepard trained dog as your next canine companion.

1. German Shepherds are an extremely intelligent breed

Studies show that German Shepherds are the third smartest dog and can obey a first command at least 95% of the time. This sharp intelligence means that they can be trained to work as police dogs and personal protection dogs easily. They are naturally obedient which is why they’re one of the breeds that responds the quickest to residential dog training.

2. German Shepherds are strong and athletic

German Shepherds are incredibly agile and do not tire easily which is why they’re excellent working dogs. They can work tirelessly in military or service positions and have good lifespans for dogs of their size. As a family pet, they’re sure to keep you fit and healthy with their much-needed daily exercise routine.

3. German Shepherds respect their owners and love their families

German Shepherds are very loyal towards those that they consider to be part of their pack. Despite their strength, they are very calm and can easily be incorporated into a family setting so long as they receive the proper training. They especially love to play with children once they have been socialised properly as a puppy.

4. German Shepherds offer security and protection

The German Shepard’s loyalty is also what makes them the ultimate guard dog. They are very protective of their pack’s territory and are naturally wary of strangers. If trained correctly, they will do almost anything to protect their family from perceived enemies and their large stature commands respect.

5. They’re big softies really!

Although they’re not always the most affectionate, German Shepherds can be very friendly once they’re used to you. From incredibly cute, fluffy puppies they grow into impressive dogs that are just as comfortable dozing in front of the fire as they are keeping guard.

We have lots of German Shepards that have been fully trained as both protection dogs ( and police dogs ( Get in touch so we can help you find your perfect companion.


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