Dog training

Training your dog to be a great companion

A dog can be a person’s best friend or its worst nightmare, and it all comes down to how well behaved your canine pet is. Regardless of the breed, the age or the gender, to truly enjoy the company of your dog you should take time to

train him, or her. Or, better yet, invest in training sessions provided by certified, professional trainers.

Your dog might have obedience problems, like not coming to you when you call, chewing on your shoes or different possessions around the house. It could have problems such as biting or being aggressive.

Simply put, your canine pet doesn’t know his role and status within the household or in his or her relationship with you or with your family. Trust me on one thing, it can be both tiring and annoying. And when you get a dog, the last thing on your mind is that you will end up not appreciating it, and being fed up with its behaviour.

Nevertheless, your dog can be a great companion if you invest in training. And while everybody thinks it is easy, it isn’t. So what to do in this case? Turn to a professional dog trainer.

TOTAL K9 ® in Cottam, Yorkshire
TOTAL K9 ® is a professional dog training agency that offers protection dogs in the United Kingdom. Member of the British Institution of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) and of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU), Robert Cammish, the owner of TOTAL K9® is a passionate and professional dog trainer. He oversees all the team members in their dog training sessions and makes sure each dog gets the training it needs.

Robert has worked with the Police and with Prison and Security teams and has trained dogs to have ultimate discipline and taught them to use their abilities in serving difficult jobs. In addition, as a parent, Robert also trains dogs to be the best pets a family needs.

A dog which has an outstanding discipline is well behaved and has the chance at a longer, safer life.
The team at TOTAL K9® will work with your pet at your residence or at their farm of 80 acres of stunning Yorkshire countryside. Whichever option you prefer, you can rely on one thing: your canine pet will be very well taken care of while he or she will learn to have great manners and listen to you, the owner.

You can also opt for the One to One training sessions where both you and your pet will learn something. You will find out the necessary skills to get a well behaved dog and to keep him that way and your canine friend will learn to be disciplined and a reliable companion for you and your entire family.

Having a dog can be a great feeling as your pet will make you smile every single day. In order to have such a canine friend you should invest in training him or her. A dog which has good discipline is a joy and a pleasure to own. Yet, having a problematic dog can be exhausting and anything but pleasant.

Love your dog enough to train him. A naughty dog is simply an untrained dog. Help your canine pet have a great life alongside you, invest in training and trust the abilities of the professional dog trainers of TOTAL K9® in Cottam, Yorkshire to turn your pet from a nightmare to the best companion ever.