Dog training

A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

Dogs are social animals that respond well to an authoritative owner who has put the effort into showing a dog what their role is and when and where they are expected to perform it.

When attending dog training classes, a dog will learn obedience to their owner, but dogs are intelligent animals and enjoy having jobs: whether that be protecting their owners, guarding property, retrieving, smelling and hunting, herding livestock or simply being an obedient companion for their owners.

As we all know, dogs can be trained for many purposes and perform multiple roles in our society. Different breeds exist for different purposes and we must remember this; a beagle may not always be more wilful than a Labrador, but it should be expected.

The German shepherd is considered the best protection dog and is highly sought after due to its obedience, fierce bite and trainability. Yet there are many other breeds that can be trained to be protection dogs: Rottweilers, American bulldogs and Dobermans to name just a few.

Hounds are known for their smelling ability and terriers for their hunting instincts. It would be wise to be aware of the history of your dog’s breed before commencing training.

Most dogs are not working dogs but all dogs benefit from training. The behaviours displayed by most domestic pets show the natural keenness of dogs to please their owners: chasing and retrieving, barking when people approach the home and the tremendous loyalty they show their owners.

At TOTAL K9 ®, we have a history of training dogs and a deep understanding of dog breeds and their natural strengths and weaknesses. We can provide a tailored dog training service that is designed around your dog and your requirements for your dog.

We offer training for working dogs and pets: high-level obedience, one to one training and residential packages to customers throughout the United Kingdom. A pick-up and delivery service is available if required.

Any training is done to meet the owner’s needs and is based on positive reinforcement, praise and rewards. These methods will truly bring the best out of your dog, making it obedient, well-trained, and happy.