Dog training

Can expert training make dogs happier?

The British love their pets. They own around 51 million of them and spend an average of £1,150 a year on pampering them. You may not be surprised to hear that one of the biggest growth sectors in the huge market for pet products is clothes for dogs!

Yet one of the biggest questions that owners ask is, how can I be sure my dog is happy? Especially owners who work, leaving their four-legged friends home alone during the day.

What role does training play in dog mental health?

Can residential dog training courses help to offset boredom and restless in your beloved pet?

Mental stimulation is vital all animals, and dare we say, it is far more important than a little jumper to wear for ‘walkies’!

If your dog is provided with safe and carefully chosen challenges, the happiness and stimulation this engenders can help make them well adjusted and content for the rest of the day.

Put another way, a spell of in-house dog training can set your canine chum up with better mental health long term.

Training and balanced behaviour

Expert training takes account of an individual dog’s personality and needs, but also inherent features of the breed.

For example, working breeds may struggle to behave well and be calm, if they don’t feel needed! They (and you) may benefit from training that channels their sense of purpose into practical actions within a family setting. Playing fetch is not only fun for your four-legged best friend, but it also gives them a sense of purpose and replicates retrieval tasks they may have initially been bred for.

Also, many dogs find ‘social networking’ on walks is important to their sense of purpose and pack mentality. Training can help teach your pooch how to interact appropriately with other dogs, so both of you enjoy interaction and engagement safely.

Building the owners bond

Another reason well-trained dogs are happier dogs is that it builds their relationship with their owner.

There’s no doubt you love them, but their favourite thing may not be the tempting food titbits you provide. The thing that makes each day worthwhile will be the activities you engage in during play and walk time.

For example, the off-lead exercise is great, if you’re confident that your protection dog has great recall. Having a mad five minutes then coming when you command can be a fabulous experience for your protection dog.

When you leave them for work, the bond between you will provide the reassurance that you always come back, just like they do!

If you want a happy, well adjusted and content dog, then instead of splashing out on fancy dress costumes, investing in residential dog training is going to do you both a power of good!