Can a well-trained dog help you live longer?

We all know that dogs keep us happy and make the best furry companions. But did you know that according to research, owning a content, well-trained pup might just increase your chances of a long life?

A recent study published by a cardiovascular health journal suggested that the increased physical activity associated with dog ownership could be a major factor in a long and healthy life. But why is this even more pronounced when your dog is well trained?

Out and about

Having a well-trained dog means you’re confident to be out and about with them at any time of day. You can go to the park when it’s busy and not worry about having them dash off and refuse to come back when you call. Some dogs can even be trained to run alongside you while you take your daily run. The combination of fresh air and exercise is highly beneficial for heart and lungs, and can even help lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of diabetes. Being outdoors more is also beneficial for mental health, and helps lower stress.

Reduced Stress

Stress is a killer. The hormones that flood your body when you’re stressed and anxious could literally take years off your life if they remain unchecked. Dealing with an unruly, untrained animal can boost stress levels considerably, especially if you have other pets or children.

Residential dog training takes some of the stress out of owning a pet. Dogs who are trained to interact with people are more likely to be friendly, social animals. This stops you worrying about how your dog might react when a new person visits, or when they are approached by other animals and humans when taking them for walks.

Having a dog with a specific problem

Having a dog with a specific problem can become exhausting. Dogs that won’t stop barking, that always chew, or that jump up can feel so difficult to deal with. Talk to us today about expert residential dog training and see how we can help make your dog happy and healthy and improve the quality of your life too.