Dog training

Do Guard Dogs Make Good Family Pets?

If you’re hunting for fully trained guard dogs for sale, one of the questions you might raise is whether or not a guard dog can also be a good pet for a family. The answer is, of course, yes – however, depending on the training of the animal and its upkeep thereafter.

At Total K9, our expertise is in socialising and training guard dogs means they’ll be properly equipped for handling both roles within the family unit. Just because a dog has got to be able to frighten off intruders when protecting your home, doesn’t mean that they aren’t also suitable as family friendly pets. When in the household environment, these dogs are, by in large, trained to be very docile – as well as being loving and loyal by nature to their owners.

It’s also important for these dogs to know their place in the family dynamic. Personal protection dogs are usually chosen because of the strength, stature and their base instincts to protect – something to keep in mind around small children. Knowing which breeds are more comfortable with children is invaluable and something our experts can advise on.