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Many Dogs Still Not Microchipped

If you are looking for protection dogs for sale, then make sure you get them microchipped when you finally bring them home.

There will be a legal requirement from April next year for all dogs to be microchipped with information about their

owner, in case they go missing. Despite this a British Veterinary Association survey showed that the majority of vets the UK suspect up to a quarter of dogs do not get microchipped by their owners.

The Association had pushed to get microchipping by pet owners made compulsory, and require all dog owners to get their dogs microchipped. Despite a number of schemes to ensure microchipping was available, many owners were ignoring advice, they argued in the Yorkshire Post.

Under the plans which will come into force from next spring, the microchip will need to be officially registered with an approved microchip database. This will contain information on the owner’s contact details.

Information that is stored in microchips can now be accessed online in case you fine a dog or if someone else has found your lost dogs. Some of the websites that store this information from the microchip database are and

These websites can also be used to keep your information up to date on the database.

The procedure to insert a microchip is simple and relatively painless, and involves a chip the size of a grain of rice and is an ‘outpatient’ surgery that will only take a couple of minutes. It is expected the microchip will last the length of the dog’s life.