Meet Hulk – The World’s Biggest Pitbull

If you’re considering protection dogs for sale, you need to take a look at Hulk, the biggest pitbull in the world who weighs in at 12 stone, should you feel you need inspiration about what kind of breed to go for as a guard dog.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, Hulk has had a litter of eight puppies, which could fetch a total of £320,000 if they go to training school to become protection dogs.

Owner Marlon Grennan said of Hulk that he is a “gentle giant and a great father. He will think nothing of laying down and licking his young puppies and is very gentle with them. He is an awesome dad”.

We’re sure he’s a brilliant father to his puppies but we’re equally sure that he’s an excellent guard dog to boot. Pitbulls can make excellent protection dogs if they receive the right kind of training so it’s important that you check the background of the company you’re dealing with to ensure they have taught the dog correctly before you buy.

Socialisation is a really important part of training a guard dog correctly, especially if the dog in question is going to be a home dog as well. You need to know the dog won’t charge your friends or show aggression at the wrong moments, which is why training is so essential.

We here at Total K9 know the importance of correct training and all members of our team have years of experience in the training and supply of prison, police, pet and security dogs.