Dog advice

5 signs your dog needs retraining

Over the past year leaving the house to walk a dog has been classed as essential daily exercise. But sociable meet-ups with other owners in busy parks have become a thing of the past. As a result most dogs have had less interaction with people, and with other dogs, than ever before. Here are 5 sure signs that your dog could benefit from a training course.

Constant barking

It can be both embarrassing and annoying to be the person who can’t stop their dog from barking uncontrollably. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, from attention seeking to warning of danger, and at Total K9 our experienced trainers are used to identifying the root cause and addressing it.

Separation anxiety

If your protection dog whines or cries when you leave or becomes distressed at the prospect of being left alone then it may be suffering from separation anxiety. This can be upsetting for owner and dog alike, but part of any good training course will be teaching your dog to be left alone without anxiety.

Pulling on the lead

We’ve all seen it in cartoons: the dog owner being pulled around the park by their dog. You can avoid being the person whose dog walks them by enrolling your dog on one of our residential training courses. This is a basic tenet of dog training, which it is never too late to teach.

Food problems

Picnickers are sure to be out in force as the weather picks up and you need to be able to trust that your dog’s instincts won’t entirely take over when it is faced with a tempting feast. Not only is this disruptive, it can also be dangerous as many foods that are delicious for humans are toxic to dogs.

Aggression towards other dogs or people

After months of isolation it is natural that your dog will get anxious around other dogs and people, and could become aggressive. But it doesn’t have to be inevitable. The best thing to do if you notice signs of aggression is to seek professional advice before the problem worsens.Total K9 2021