Dog advice

Should I send my dog to boot camp?

Your dog is part of the family, and you should be able to include them in all aspects of family life. But, what happens when your beloved dog is antisocial, barking at other dogs and people? You may find that you have to leave your dog at home when you visit friends, or you may even have to keep your dog in another room when you have visitors. This will put a strain on family life.

One answer to all these issues is to enrol your dog in a boot camp. Below we explain more about dog boot camps and if your dog would benefit from such intense residential dog training.

Your dog and boot camp

Boot camp is intense dog training for your dog in a residential placement. This means that you cannot stay with your dog. The length of the stay will depend upon your dog’s individual needs and how well they respond to training. When the dog is on site 24/7 they will receive training around the clock with breaks for rest and play, but this will also be a form of training regarding how they should behave.
Dogs that respond well to boot camp training are those who are aggressive towards people and other animals. Dogs that are anxious and exhibit nervous behaviour when out of the home, or who are destructive will be helped by attending dog boot camp.

You are not a failure

One final thought is to say that you are not a failure if you decide to send your dog to residential dog training. In fact, making this decision is a sign of strength. Sometimes dogs just need a different environment and a trainer who is widely experienced in dog training, Sending your dog to boot camp is a sign of kindness and strength, not weakness.

Here at TOTAL K9 ®, we offer residential dog training to all breeds of dogs, and all ages, including puppies. If managing and being out and about with your dog is becoming a challenge, and you feel that your dog would benefit from boot camp, then please do get in touch with us today.