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5 dog training mistakes you may be making

Training a new puppy or adult dog can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The process of training your dog can take even longer if you are making any of the following 5 common dog training mistakes.

1. Training your dog for too long

When you are trying to teach your dog a basic command, you may lose track of how long you have been training and force them to continue to train even if you have lost their attention and concentration. There is no specific time limit you should follow when training a dog as it depends on the dog’s personality and what command you are trying to teach them. For this reason, it is very easy for a trainer to over or under train a dog, so pay attention to changes in their behaviour which signal it might be time to stop.

2. Using correction-based training methods

It has been proven that when training a protection dog, positive reinforcement is a much more effective way for a dog to learn than through correction-based training. Some dog owners mix correction-based training and positive reinforcement which is incredibly confusing for a dog, as your pet will be left unsure if they will be punished or rewarded for completing a command.

3. Not revising training

Even if your pet has seemingly mastered a command, you will still need to continue training them occasionally to ensure they remember the command and can still follow it correctly. Occasionally refreshing old training techniques with your protection dogs will ensure it remains obedient and able to follow your commands.

4. Over-repeating commands

If your pet doesn’t sit the first time you say ‘sit’, you shouldn’t then repeat the command until it does. This teaches your dog that they do not need to listen to the first, second or third time you give a command.

5. Train your pet in the same place

If your pet behaved perfectly in your garden but is then disruptive in your household, it may be because they have only been trained in your garden and only associate certain commands with specific areas. To avoid this, change your location frequently when training your protection dogs.

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