Dog advice

More than a four-legged friend

A dog is a companion for life. Loyal, devoted and constant, they look after their owners without question. At TOTAL K9 ®️ we understand that lifelong dedication and fidelity is vital, this is why you can trust us to provide you, your family and your own home with a particular type of safety: a fully trained and dependable protection dog. Our dogs are expertly trained using real-life scenarios to provide the best in companionship and support for our clients. Our dogs are indeed more than just four-legged friends. They are great with children and are either good or will ignore other pets and animals; they are excellent with members of the public too. Our dogs can be relied on in any situation that may arise!

Training for life

Here, at TOTAL K9 ®️ initial training is vital to our success. All of our dogs undergo thorough training, giving you total peace of mind. Once you’ve decided to own one of our family protection dogs, we can then select the one which is most suited to you and your needs. Our next task is to ensure that your dog is trained to our exacting standards. We want your dog to be a full member of your family. So our personal protection dogs are not only trained to protect and guard, they are taught good manners and toilet trained. This allows them to fit easily into any family. We listen to you, and your dog will be specifically tailored to what you want. Our service is bespoke, professional and sincere. We take both pride and pleasure when we introduce your dog to your home.

Beyond a burglar alarm

Dogs are man’s best friend and more. A well-trained dog from TOTAL K9 ®️ offers more than just friendship. Our dogs provide complete protection for you, your family and your home. A professional/experienced burglar can disable an alarm. Locks can easily be broken. A disguised burglar will avoid recognition against CCTV, but a dog is not that easily fooled. Burglars are opportunists. They don’t want to face too much of a challenge. Protection dogs are a definite challenge. The intimidating, loud bark of a dog will deter the majority of would-be intruders. Time is of the essence for a burglary. Thieves need to be in and out within a specific time frame. Specially trained and highly intuitive, TOTAL K9 ®️ dogs give any thief a reason to walk on by. Recent research completed by the Cooperative Insurance group reinforces the benefits and protection that a dog offers to your home.


Our dogs offer protection beyond the home. Sadly, we live in a world where attacks and smash and grab thieves are more commonplace. TOTAL K9 ®️ dogs are trained and taught to protect you in a range of circumstances. If you are confronted with someone aggressive or threatening, their natural stance will be to defend you against harm. Whether you are out on a country walk or shopping in town, your protection dog will react to muggers or abusive individuals. You will feel safe and secure. A protection dog gives you your liberty allowing you to move around safely, free from potential dangers and harm. Our short video clips demonstrate how our loyal dogs react to threats.

Part of the family

All of our protection dogs are from breeds known for their innate guarding skills. However, our dogs are not just there to guard. Mostly, they are family pets too. They happen to have a unique set of skills. As soon as your dog arrives, they will become part of your family. They will love your children. They will be playful too, loving to chase after a ball and get attention from you. Your dog will be a larger breed of dog. They are built with strength, and their nature is confident and assured. They will need regular exercise to keep them fit, healthy and agile. Like all dogs, they will love treats and being outdoors. Of course, they will patrol your (and their) home, but they will love to play there too. While protection dogs are independent, intuitively reacting to unusual sounds, people or events, they are also incredibly interactive. They will love being part of a family and will reward your love with devotion. If you already own a dog, TOTAL K9 ®️ may be able to train your pet to be a protection dog. However, this is only possible with certain breeds. Contact us for further advice.

Paws for thought

For many, the desire to protect a home or a person comes after something dramatic has occurred. A house is robbed, or a family member is mugged, and then thoughts turn to how it could have been avoided. We believe in prevention first. We think it’s better to feel safe now rather than leave it until it’s too late. Of course, the decision to have a dog is not a light one. A dog is a life-changing choice. Dogs bring infinite pleasure, warmth and joy into a household. They forge strong and unbroken bonds with their owners. From you, they expect very little, but dogs are a full-time commitment. Think of what you will receive in return. With a protection dog, you will get loyalty and more. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe paws. Contact us today to discover how TOTAL K9 ®️ can bring safety to your life with the beauty of a protection dog.