Dog advice

Skills your dog needs to learn

Training your dog helps build the bond between you and enables the creation of a trusting relationship. Some of the essential skills your dog needs to learn include:

House training

Puppies are adorable and create so much joy in any home, but toilet training is an essential dog training activity you will need to master from the outset. One of the most important things to bear in mind when you first bring your puppy home is that he will need constant supervision. This will entail setting a designated toilet spot in the house in the first instance, and puppy trainer pads are ideal protection for carpets and floors. Rewarding your dog each time he uses the toilet pad or when he urinates outside will reinforce good behaviour and help ensure successful training.

Coming when called

Teaching your dog to come to you when he’s called is another important skill, which can be vital when he’s running loose. You can put your dog on a lead when you initially start training him to come to you when called. This makes it much easier to encourage him with a slight tug on the lead. Each time your pup does come to you on command, ensure you provide as much encouragement and reinforcement as possible. 

Sit command

Teaching a dog to sit on command can be fairly easy. After all, dogs do tend to sit naturally, so linking up this natural sit position with your command can be simple if you use treats to reinforce the behaviours.

Stay on command

Training your dog to stay on command is another useful skill that can help protect him in dangerous situations. When you start teaching your dog to stay on command, you should just leave him for the shortest possible amount of time and reinforce good behaviour with treats and praise. Once your dog has got the hang of stay, you can gradually increase the amount of time you ask her to remain in the “stay” position and also start introducing distractions to enhance obedience.

Training your dog and helping him to acquire useful skills like the ones noted above is a way to ensure he will be safer when allowed to roam free while out walking. TOTAL K9 dog training is an ideal way to socialise your pet and help him acquire even more skills.