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Four tips to make your dog less anxious

Like humans, dogs can feel anxious. It might be because you’ve picked your dog up from an adoption centre and now you’re trying to figure each other out. Or maybe there’s something in the home that’s causing your dog to feel anxious. Along with enrolling your dog onto our residential dog training boot camp, there are some tips you can follow. What can you do to help your beloved pet? Read on to find out.

1. Create a special bond

If you are new to taking your pet outside the whole environment might be overwhelming. Going anywhere new will be a scary experience, and you will need to repeat it until it becomes natural. The anxiety might be the same when your dog begins residential dog training. Maybe your dog didn’t have a pleasant experience in the past. The feelings from back then are now being brought back. Spending time together on the walk will help create a bond.

2. Create a calming environment

If the problem is because of noise, there are some things you can do to help. Instead of letting the sound carry on affecting your pet, play music in the background. This can be great for creating a warming environment for your pet. Classical music works exceptionally well. You could even pretend you are making the noise and change the sound into something they don’t sense as dangerous. An example could be singing and tapping your leg to the noise.

3. Talk to your pet

Whatever the situation, your voice can work wonders for calming your pet. Just talking to him/her and using good language creates a warm blanket for your pet’s emotional well-being. Talk gently to your pet and tell them how they are a good boy/girl. Stroke their coat as you talk. Use words they are familiar with. The tone of your voice should also be gentle. Maybe you could use a special phrase to tell them how much you love them.

4. Take your pet outside

If the problem is inside the home, take your pet outside. The fresh air can help your pet to become less anxious. There are lots of things your pet can do outside, whether it’s smelling the bushes, or exploring in the garden. You might have to stand outside with your pet until they feel ready to move around independently.

These are some tips you can help to calm your pet when anxiety strikes. Along with following the above, make sure you consider using our residential dog training boot camp which can teach your dog essential skills to help them become more relaxed around your home.

Dog training boot camp
Dog training boot camp