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How to get your pet to listen to you

If the first thing you do when your pet ignores you is shout, then you might be doing something wrong. Take a step back and read some of the suggestions below. There are lots of reasons a pet might ignore you, whether it’s when they refuse to return to their lead during a walk or fail to get down off the sofa when ordered. It could be anxiety plaguing your furry friend, or even a lack of understanding between owner and pet. Dog training boot camps are a great place to help change your dog’s behaviour, but you can also do some things at home. So, what can you do to help?

Accessories and comforters

If your pet feels safe, then they’re more likely to want to listen to your instructions. Dog training boot camps can help your dog to learn you aren’t the threat. But, at home, a first step is to take your pet away from hostile situations or loud noises like fireworks. Also, please make use of accessories and toys which will create a sense of safety for them, like cuddly toys. The soft material and shape can help any animal to relax.

Build a relationship

Good relationships are the bricks and mortar when it comes to mutual understanding. You want your pet to feel safe around you, so spending time together should be a priority. If your dog is newly adopted, take them along your favourite path on the lead for a while before taking them off it. Talk to your pet at home and stroke their coat. As you both feel safe around one another, your pet will start to obey your commands, and difficulties like putting a lead on will be a thing of the past.

Have one pet dog

Having lots of dogs in the home can sometimes be a bad thing. Just like children, dogs can become jealous. Dog training boot camp can help your dog to improve their behaviour. Sometimes age can help dogs to overcome their jealousy, but for a few, being “second best” can create other problems, from being aggressive just to ignore their owner’s commands. You can usually tell when a dog doesn’t get along with other animals from information provided by the adoption centre or their past owner.

Not all dogs find listening to their owners simple. Their past experiences can be influential to how quickly they can create a relationship with their owner. If you’re looking for some ways to improve your dog’s listening skills, you should give the above ideas a try. These tips along with enrolling your dog into our residential dog training course can help to create a strong long-lasting bond between both of you.

Dog training boot camp photo
Dog training boot camp photo