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Russia Unveils Dog Armour

In the wake of the latest terrorist attacks you may be looking to improve security for your family by looking for family protection dogs for sale.

The terrorist attacks that took place in Paris last month have led to many people, organisations and countries considering how they can

protect themselves more in today’s climate.

Russia has just unveiled body armour for protection dogs, after a police dog was killed in the line of duty during the attacks on Paris. The dog had been sent ahead of police to see if there were any people left in a room after gunfire died down. Sadly gunfire was opened on the dog, which was just months of retirement, The Express newspaper reported.

The hi-tec vest can be put on the dog in minutes, though the designers did warn that it took some getting used to for the dogs who are not used to wearing armour.

The vest is in two parts and protects both the dog’s neck and chest, and additional armour can be placed on the dog’s legs.

Russia has also donated a puppy to Paris, in memory of the dog, Diesel, who was shot in police raids on terrorists last month. The puppy, named Dobrynia, was sent to Paris to help fight “against terrorism” and is expected to be trained as a police dog, having already been bred for that purpose and having initiated training in Russia.

The hashtag #jesuischien, in memory of Diesel,  proved controversial as some suggested it detracted from the loss of human lives.