Dog training

When to start training your new puppy

There are many different opinions about when to start training your new puppy, however, the common consensus is that training should start as soon as possible. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of training and when they should start below.

Basic training

Basic training can start as soon as the puppy is brought home, which is typically when they are around 8 weeks old. Basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ can be taught at this age and we recommend you attempt to potty train a puppy as soon as you are able to, in order to stop any unfortunate accidents from happening. The earlier you try to train your puppy, the easier it may be. Starting training earlier also ensures that problem behaviour does not develop and stick – if this happens, more training may have to be given later on, and it may take more effort to get your puppy out of these problem behaviours.

Residential dog training

Whilst many people are successful in training their puppies themselves, some people may wish to try residential dog training or dog training boot camps. If your puppy is not taking to training at home, residential dog training may be easier and less time consuming for you. It also means that the puppy will be trained by a team of experts who are used to training dogs.

Total K9 offers in-house dog training and dog training boot camps for those who may need it. The best time to start residential dog training is between the ages of 12 weeks and 6 months of age – this will ensure that the puppy is trained as soon as possible and will help to prevent problem behaviours from progressing.

One on one training or group training

Some puppies will train better in a one on one environment, whereas others will benefit more from group training. One on one training means that the trainer can pay more attention to your dog, which may be useful if it is a puppy and still learning. Group training may be beneficial later on as the puppy develops into a dog – dogs are typically pack animals, which allows them to socialise with other dogs.

For more advice on when to train your new puppy, contact us at Total K9 today.

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