Many Dogs Still Not Microchipped

If you are looking for protection dogs for sale, then make sure you get them microchipped when you finally bring them home.

There will be a legal requirement from April next year for all dogs to be microchipped with information about their Continue reading

Choosing A Bed For Your Dog

Did you know your personal protection dogs could require 12 hours of sleep a day?

It is important to ensure your dog gets appropriate amounts of sleep so they can work effectively and remain in tip top health. It is particularly important with puppies, who can actually die from exhaustion, so make sure there is enough sleep scheduled into your working dog’s life. Continue reading

Top Breeds For Guard Dogs

Traditionally, you may be envisaging a German shepherd, which are well known for their strength and intelligence. In fact German shepherds are increasingly used as guide dogs due to their intellect and obedience. Continue reading

Persistent Pup Lands Police Job

With the all the tests and training in place to root out the best dogs for police work, it’s no surprise that these animals also make great guard dogs, and we think you’ll find there are great qualities present in working dogs of all kinds. Continue reading

Alabama Rot Warning For Dog Owners

When involved in working dog training outside, dog owners should be aware that Alabama Rot – a disease that can cause skin sores and sudden kidney failure in pets – is now being seen in the UK.

To encourage greater awareness among owners this spring and summer Continue reading

Top 3 Most Fearless Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are undeniably some of the bravest animals around, putting themselves on the frontline and in danger at every turn. But just what incredible acts of bravery have been seen from these dogs over the years? Here are just three examples of when these pups have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Continue reading