Dog training

What sort of training works best for puppies?

What sort of training works best for puppies?
The arrival of a puppy in your home is guaranteed to lift your spirits as they are full of energy and excitement. Although you want your pup to stay that way, it is also important to get them trained in the basics of good behaviour before they get bigger and harder to manage. Read on to find out about the training options for puppies and which to choose.

One to one training

When it comes to training a puppy, most people tend to think of one to one dog training. This is commonly considered to be the best sort of training for pups and there is no question that it does offer a number of advantages.

One big benefit of opting for this sort of training package is that you can arrange for it to be done from your home. If your puppy gets particularly anxious when away from you and the family home then that can help to ensure a good response to the training sessions. It can also be advantageous for the trainer too as it will allow them to see exactly what problems the puppy is having in the home environment and tailor their training techniques to address them.

Group training

The other common type of training for puppies is group training. This is usually carried out as residential dog training, where the puppy stays at the facility for the duration. It is sometimes regarded as less effective for that reason, but in fact, group training can be very positive for pups.

Dogs are sociable creatures that begin life as part of a litter and group training lets them learn in the company of other puppies. This regular exposure to other dogs is known as socialisation training and is great for teaching puppies how they should act when they are out and about. You need your puppy to learn about good behaviour in the outside world as well as the home and group training can be the most efficient way of achieving that.

So which option is best?

The truth is that both methods offer advantages and a mix of the two will be best for most puppies. If you choose to train your pup via the Total K9 Perfect Puppy Package, we will provide residential training in the basics and offer additional one to one work if needed. To find out more about our residential training courses, get in touch today.