Rescue Dogs Trained As Ball-Dogs

The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a bit misleading – after all, with the right residential dog training from the professionals, you can break almost any behavioural trait or, in fact, teach them new skills.

Point in case is this charity exhibition tennis game in Brazil organised by the Association of Animal Wellbeing to show that shelter dogs can be rehomed and retrained. For the match at the Brazil Open tennis tournament, four dogs were trained as ‘ball dogs’, fetching the balls and returning them, although somewhat reluctantly at times, to the players, according to

Andrea Beckert from the Association of Animal Wellbeing said: “We want to show that abandoned dogs can be adopted and trained… it’s not easy to get a dog to only pick up the lost balls and then to give them up!”

The dogs donned an orange bandana and chased the balls around for half an hour, cheered on by the crowds, as players Roberto Carballes Baena from Spain and Gastao Elias from Portugal played the points.

This isn’t the first time dogs have been hard at work during a tennis match, however. Last month, the world swooned over a team of ball-dogs at a match featuring Venus Williams in Auckland New Zealand. You can watch the video of them hard at work here.

However, it might not be on the cards that ball-dogs will become a regular fixture at actual tennis matches – looking at these videos, the players seem to be more than a little distracted by these particular working dogs.

Chow Chows Revealed As Most Claim-Prone Pooches

If you’re looking at investing in personal protection dogs, it might be wise to avoid buying a Chow Chow, as new research has revealed that these dogs are in fact the most claim prone, so you could find yourself spending a lot of money on insurance.

Conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, the study found that 64 per cent of these dogs have had incidents that resulted in their owners having to make a claim, while boxers and bull terriers were the second and third most claim-prone breeds.

The top ten was made up of Chow Chows, boxers, bull terriers, Doberman pinschers, American bulldogs, Great Danes, giant schnauzers, bulldogs, Dogue de Bordeaux and Rottweilers.

One reason why Chow Chows may head up the rundown is because they are prone to a large number of different health problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and entropion. Where the eyelids turn inwards and cause pain and irritation to the dog.

“The most claim-prone dogs tend to be larger breeds because they are generally susceptible to more genetic health issues, often around bone development, and have a shorter life span,” veterinary nurse with the company Madeline Pike said.

Some of the healthiest dogs include border collies, Siberian huskies, Australian cattle dogs, Samoyeds and Icelandic sheepdogs. It might be wise to do some research into healthy dog breeds before you invest in one to serve as a family protection dog. If you need further advice, give us a call here at Total K9 today.