We love dogs

Here at TOTAL K9 ® we love dogs. We are passionate about providing and training the perfect dog for your family or business. We know that every dog and its owner is different. That is why we supply a happy, fully trained family companion pets and obedient professional protection dogs of every breed, size and age.

Our K9 Dog Training programmes reach out into the heart of your existing family or business, too. As well as providing new dogs for our customers, we also train owners and handlers to foster positive and rewarding relationships with the dogs they already have.

How we can help you find your ideal dog

We understand that however much you love them, choosing and training a dog can be a little daunting. So, why not let us support you to select and train the perfect pet or working dog for you using K9 Dog Training?

From puppies to protection dogs

Turn to TOTAL K9 ® for the ideal puppyfaithful family/personal protection dog or working security dog. All of our dogs are trained in vital rules and manners to give unswerving loyalty and service. We are so confident that we can match you with your perfect dog that every canine companion comes to you with the TOTAL K9 ® complete satisfaction guarantee.

Loyal family friends and guardians

As well as being an adored and trusted member of your family, our dogs offer an added layer of protection within your home. A dog instinctively grows to love and know you. Burglars might find a way through a door or window, but you know that your dog will always be waiting on the other side to see off the threat. We specialise in selecting family protection dogs and training them to be thoroughly socialised as well as quick to respond to real-life incidents that look likely to threaten your family. We understand the importance of ensuring that family protection dogs are also great with children, the general public and other family pets.

Security, police and prison protection dogs

We already provide working service dogs from world class bloodlines, including German Shepherd and Rottweiler breeds, throughout the United Kingdom. All our security dogs conform to British Standard 8517-1:2009. As well as supplying fully trained protection dogs we also source new dogs which show the right characteristics for security work and bring them on our K9 Dog Training programme.

“It is a truism to say that the dog is largely what his master makes of him: he can be savage and dangerous, untrustworthy, cringing and fearful; or he can be faithful and loyal, courageous and the best of companions and allies.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes

How we train our dogs

Owner Robert Cammish is the heart and soul of TOTAL K9 ®. He knows that punishment-based training using choke chains and other punitive methods is outdated and more likely to trigger anxiety and aggression in dogs. He recruits his team to work around him using positive reinforcement, rewards, praise, and the ‘Alpha’ voice to ensure reliable and lasting good behaviour from all of the dogs he works with.

Turn to us to train your dog

As well as finding and providing fully trained dogs, we also offer pet and working dog behavioural and obedience K9 Dog Training throughout the UK. We can support you to train your brand-new puppy, young adult pet or mature working dog with personalised residential, home-based and 1 to 1 training packages.

Discover how we solve our clients’ everyday problems

• pulling on a lead • barking and biting • anxiety and aggression

We build high levels of obedience

• walking at heel both on and off the lead • basic cue training • toilet training

As well as training for family dogs, 1 to 1 training is available for owners/handlers already holding a front-line SIA license. Plus, we offer the TOTAL K9 ® Protection Dog Training Package for select breeds.

About owner Robert Cammish

Robert Cammish, MBIPDT, is an Approved NASDU Instructor/ Trainer, a member of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and the British Institution of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT), and has achieved the Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF).

TOTAL K9 ® owner Robert Cammish regularly trains dogs for celebrities and professional footballers. Recent film and television assignments include ‘Release the Hounds’ for ITV 2 and Fox TV (USA), plus training dogs for the TV movie ‘The Sprint King’. He has also run security operations for a wide range of organisations including the Prince’s Trust (London Fashion Week at the Hilton Hotel, Paddington).

During his many years working with dogs he has developed a unique understanding of how to foster rewarding relationships between dogs and their owners. He runs all the company’s operations, personally overseeing the whole team to ensure a consistently high standard of service, provision and training.

Robert says, “I am a passionate professional dog trainer who knows that every dog is different. As a father, I understand the importance of choosing the right pet for any family environment. Across my years working in real life situations as an operational dog handler and professional trainer in police, prison and security sectors, I know just what is needed in a well-trained protection dog. I know how to get it right.”

Robert has high-level training experience progressing general-purpose security dog handlers to obtain their level 2 qualification through NASDU. He holds this qualification himself, along with a level 3 award achieved at West Nottinghamshire College, The K9 Centre for Excellence. He also has a successful record competing in working dog trials. If getting the right dog matters to you, why not turn to him?

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More than a four-legged friend

A dog is a companion for life. Loyal, devoted and constant, they look after their owners without question. At TOTAL K9 ®️ we understand that lifelong dedication and fidelity is vital, this is why you can trust us to provide you, your family and your own home with a particular type of safety: a fully trained and dependable protection dog. Our dogs are expertly trained using real-life scenarios to provide the best in companionship and support for our clients. Our dogs are indeed more than just four-legged friends. They are great with children and are either good or will ignore other pets and animals; they are excellent with members of the public too. Our dogs can be relied on in any situation that may arise!

Training for life

Here, at TOTAL K9 ®️ initial training is vital to our success. All of our dogs undergo thorough training, giving you total peace of mind. Once you’ve decided to own one of our family protection dogs, we can then select the one which is most suited to you and your needs. Our next task is to ensure that your dog is trained to our exacting standards. We want your dog to be a full member of your family. So our personal protection dogs are not only trained to protect and guard, they are taught good manners and toilet trained. This allows them to fit easily into any family. We listen to you, and your dog will be specifically tailored to what you want. Our service is bespoke, professional and sincere. We take both pride and pleasure when we introduce your dog to your home.

Beyond a burglar alarm

Dogs are man’s best friend and more. A well-trained dog from TOTAL K9 ®️ offers more than just friendship. Our dogs provide complete protection for you, your family and your home. A professional/experienced burglar can disable an alarm. Locks can easily be broken. A disguised burglar will avoid recognition against CCTV, but a dog is not that easily fooled. Burglars are opportunists. They don’t want to face too much of a challenge. Protection dogs are a definite challenge. The intimidating, loud bark of a dog will deter the majority of would-be intruders. Time is of the essence for a burglary. Thieves need to be in and out within a specific time frame. Specially trained and highly intuitive, TOTAL K9 ®️ dogs give any thief a reason to walk on by. Recent research completed by the Cooperative Insurance group reinforces the benefits and protection that a dog offers to your home.


Our dogs offer protection beyond the home. Sadly, we live in a world where attacks and smash and grab thieves are more commonplace. TOTAL K9 ®️ dogs are trained and taught to protect you in a range of circumstances. If you are confronted with someone aggressive or threatening, their natural stance will be to defend you against harm. Whether you are out on a country walk or shopping in town, your protection dog will react to muggers or abusive individuals. You will feel safe and secure. A protection dog gives you your liberty allowing you to move around safely, free from potential dangers and harm. Our short video clips demonstrate how our loyal dogs react to threats.

Part of the family

All of our protection dogs are from breeds known for their innate guarding skills. However, our dogs are not just there to guard. Mostly, they are family pets too. They happen to have a unique set of skills. As soon as your dog arrives, they will become part of your family. They will love your children. They will be playful too, loving to chase after a ball and get attention from you. Your dog will be a larger breed of dog. They are built with strength, and their nature is confident and assured. They will need regular exercise to keep them fit, healthy and agile. Like all dogs, they will love treats and being outdoors. Of course, they will patrol your (and their) home, but they will love to play there too. While protection dogs are independent, intuitively reacting to unusual sounds, people or events, they are also incredibly interactive. They will love being part of a family and will reward your love with devotion. If you already own a dog, TOTAL K9 ®️ may be able to train your pet to be a protection dog. However, this is only possible with certain breeds. Contact us for further advice.

Paws for thought

For many, the desire to protect a home or a person comes after something dramatic has occurred. A house is robbed, or a family member is mugged, and then thoughts turn to how it could have been avoided. We believe in prevention first. We think it’s better to feel safe now rather than leave it until it’s too late. Of course, the decision to have a dog is not a light one. A dog is a life-changing choice. Dogs bring infinite pleasure, warmth and joy into a household. They forge strong and unbroken bonds with their owners. From you, they expect very little, but dogs are a full-time commitment. Think of what you will receive in return. With a protection dog, you will get loyalty and more. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe paws. Contact us today to discover how TOTAL K9 ®️ can bring safety to your life with the beauty of a protection dog.

Our dog training methods

Here at TOTAL K9 ® LTD, we believe that every dog is genuinely unique and deserves the absolute best care. We provide a wide range of dog training services and packages for family pets as well as working dogs. We tailor our service to every dog’s specific needs and requirements. We cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where you live, you will be able to access our dog training services near you. If you choose one of our residential dog training packages, then we even offer a collection and delivery service, giving you complete peace of mind and seamless care.

Our dog training methods

We use several methods to train dogs who have obedience or behavioural issues. Not every way will be used on every animal as we carefully assess each dog and then decide what training method or methods would be best to tackle their individual needs. Our training methods include the use of positive reinforcement, rewards and treats.

Positive reinforcement

This type of training is when the dog is rewarded for good behaviour. This may be in the form of a treat such as a beloved toy. Bad behaviour is not rewarded or praised, but the dog is never punished – it can include the removal of a treat. This type of training requires consistency to eradicate bad behaviours that may have been instilled over a long period. Once training is complete, positive reinforcement also needs to be continued at home.


Rewarding good behaviour is vital in helping any dog with behavioural or obedience issues. We take small steps and provide rewards for when a dog behaves or acts as instructed.


Alongside rewards such as treats, and positive reinforcement, it is also essential to give ongoing praise. This is a verbal recognition of good work and behaviour. Saying ‘good boy’ and ‘well done’positively and happily will help to reinforce their positive actions and behaviour.

Behavioural issues

We can help any dog who has behavioural issues, no matter how big the challenge. We can help solve the following problems. • Not listening to or obeying instructions • Jumping up, which can be problematic when you have visitors or are socialising outside with others • Barking, biting or nipping • Anxiety due to socialisation issues • Aggression towards other dogs or people

High level dog obedience training

This type of training is done with the dog both on and off the lead with ‘heel’ work. The dog will be told to sit, wait, lie down and to follow instructions. This type of training is beneficial for working dogs and pets as it reinforces good behaviour and working practices.

Residential packages

All of our residential packages are personalised for every single dog. We will offer a phone consultation, in which we will determine if your dog requires home training or our residential service, including a boot camp regime. This is always done in discussion with the owner. We will take a detailed history and make our assessment by the telephone call and inform you there and then how long your dog will need to be with our team.

What’s included?

Training sessions will very much depend upon the individual dog, their needs and the progress that they make. Daily assessments will be made and training planned for the following day. Your dog will also enjoy walks on regular intervals throughout the day.

Regular updates

We will keep in regular touch with you to update you on your dog’s progress. This will be either by phone or email, depending upon your preferences. We are delighted to discuss your dog’s progress with you and any concerns you may have.

What you need to know

We offer a collection and delivery service for all dogs. If your dog is on any medication or a special diet, then this will continue while they’re in our care. It is best if you send in your dog’s usual food as this will help to reassure your dog and prevent any food intolerance. We do provide blankets, but it may be best to bring your dog’s preferred blanket from home to help with the settling-in period. All dogs are bathed and groomed on completion of their training. Upon completion of their training, we will discuss with you what training has taken place and how you need to continue this at home. The handover will usually take around an hour.

One to one

We provide a one to one training service that can be done in your own home or on site. This very much depends upon personal circumstances and if the dog’s behavioural issues are related directly to the home. For example, they may jump up or bark at people who call to your house. This service is provided by a member of our team who will work with you and your dog together, to get to the heart of any behavioural problems. This may involve learning new skills as a team and how you can achieve positive behaviour. The cost of our one to one service begins at £25 per hour. Contact TOTAL K9 today. We provide our dog training services across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

Residential package prices start from £300 per week. For further information about any of our dog training services or packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by email or phone. We’re ready to help you and your beloved pet.

Which are the easiest dog breeds to train?

For those new to the world of dog ownership, it may be a good idea to opt for a breed that is easily trainable and will adapt to a new home quickly. While every dog has its own individual personality, of course, it is simply a fact that dogs belonging to certain breeds are more likely to be perceptive to dog training than others.

If you are after a new best friend that will respond well to basic training and is likely to be loving and well-behaved, one of the following breeds may be for you:

1. Collie

As well as boasting a stunning coat of fur, Collies are intelligent and easily trainable dogs. Indeed, both the Smooth and Rough types of Collie were originally bred as herding dogs that could work independently while looking out for the needs of their owners, making them a wonderfully attentive and sensitive pet.

2. Golden Retriever

Whilst Golden Retrievers aren’t as intelligent as, say, Collies, they are members of an incredibly loyal breed. Golden Retrievers love pleasing their owners, meaning they are very receptive to learning new behaviours and tricks.

3. Papillon

Toy breeds, of which the Papillon is a member, have an unfortunate reputation for being difficult, stubborn, and difficult to train. The Papillon, however, is much more intelligent and eager to please than its toy counterparts, making it a great option for new owners who would like an obedient, good-natured small dog. Indeed, the Papillon is quick to pick up new behaviours and tends to do well in dog sports.

4. Poodle

Poodles come in a number of varieties (including Standard, Miniature, and Toy), all of which are smart and very responsive to training. Like the Papillon, the Poodle may have a stubborn, even belligerent appearance, but is, in fact, mild-mannered and keen to please.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a very popular choice amongst dog lovers thanks to their good nature, exuberant energy and fun-loving personality. Generally speaking, the breed is easy to train and is very emotionally intelligent – a great option for families missing a fluffy friend in their lives.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

Dogs are social animals that respond well to an authoritative owner who has put the effort into showing a dog what their role is and when and where they are expected to perform it.

When attending dog training classes, a dog will learn obedience to their owner, but dogs are intelligent animals and enjoy having jobs: whether that be protecting their owners, guarding property, retrieving, smelling and hunting, herding livestock or simply being an obedient companion for their owners.

As we all know, dogs can be trained for many purposes and perform multiple roles in our society. Different breeds exist for different purposes and we must remember this; a beagle may not always be more wilful than a Labrador, but it should be expected.

The German shepherd is considered the best protection dog and is highly sought after due to its obedience, fierce bite and trainability. Yet there are many other breeds that can be trained to be protection dogs: Rottweilers, American bulldogs and Dobermans to name just a few.

Hounds are known for their smelling ability and terriers for their hunting instincts. It would be wise to be aware of the history of your dog’s breed before commencing training.

Most dogs are not working dogs but all dogs benefit from training. The behaviours displayed by most domestic pets show the natural keenness of dogs to please their owners: chasing and retrieving, barking when people approach the home and the tremendous loyalty they show their owners.

At TOTAL K9 ®, we have a history of training dogs and a deep understanding of dog breeds and their natural strengths and weaknesses. We can provide a tailored dog training service that is designed around your dog and your requirements for your dog.

We offer training for working dogs and pets: high-level obedience, one to one training and residential packages to customers throughout the United Kingdom. A pick-up and delivery service is available if required.

Any training is done to meet the owner’s needs and is based on positive reinforcement, praise and rewards. These methods will truly bring the best out of your dog, making it obedient, well-trained, and happy.

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